So. Much. Rain. (But the Berry Bushes are Happy!)

Last spring was so dry — drought in so many areas — and this year? Rain, rain, rain. We can’t recall three straight days that didn’t include some amount of rain, including one day recently where it came down for somewhere around 12 hours.


But we do like rain. The early cool and damp spring helped develop an excellent crop of berry buds.
Each bush has lots and lots of healthy buds that have opened well as we’ve started to see a few days of sunshine. 

Healthy buds mean healthy blossoms, and about 2-3 weeks ago we began to see the first pink pedals of flowers developing as the buds cracked open.
Pink pedals quickly develop into little white flowers, and seemingly overnight, the bushes appeared covered with blossoms.
In a couple of days we’ll share some about the bees who help pollinate our plants, making sure we get to savor those berries we love so much.