Customer Comments


2020 comments from our customers…

The berries were wonderful as always. We will continue to make the drive out to your place to pick each year. Thanks for the opportunity you provide each year. – Becky

You guys are the best!! We are so lucky to have you for our neighbors and so blessed that you work so hard to provide wonderful blueberries for us! – Shelley

Always enjoy coming out to the farm to pick. The berries were wonderful as usual. See you next year! – Joyce

Feel so fortunate to have gotten your wonderful blueberries! They are so good! Congratulations on the conservation award. Hope to be back next year! – Denise 

God bless you and your work. You are good stewards of the earth, which makes you true treasures. – Madeline 
We enjoyed coming up and picking berries and visiting.  Thank you for making it so enjoyable. Wish you the best and hope to see you next spring. – James 
Though we didn’t get to pick as many blueberries as we had hoped we still had a great time being out in the country, listening to the birds, and getting out of the house. Thank you so much. I think you guys do a wonderful job!! – Debbie 
Thank you. My family and I had an amazing time. – Ronnie 
Thank you for all the wonderful berries!!   See you next year! – David