In 2006, at what is now Chautauqua Hills Farm (pronounced shuh-TAW-kwuh or  chuh-TAW-kwuh) in Chautauqua County, Kansas, the farm was
purchased and work began on developing the land.

The farm founders commented, “we discovered some interesting and unique characteristics about the climate, water, soil structure and interestingly, an over-abundance of native pollinators (native bees, bumblebees, carpenter bees, etc…), which led us to explore what could be grown here – with a couple of caveats – the food had to be enjoyable, and really healthy!”

In 2009, Chautauqua Hills Farm planted the first blueberry bushes and continued refining the conditions in which the plants grow and produce.

2010 marked the first year the berries were available to the public.

Early in 2013, the Kansas Rural Center featured Chautauqua Hills Farm as the
“Quality Foods Farm Brand.”

In 2015, the farm changed hands to the Chadick family, who still lovingly tend the plants and continue growing delicious berries today. As Dave Chadick noted, “We immediately fell in love with this property, but as we learned how it had been maintained in such a natural state, and the true uniqueness of the soil and plants, we knew we’d found our new home.

“Both our grown sons are biology majors and were intrigued by the science involved in raising blueberries in the sustainable, naturally organic way that had been done for the previous six years. Raising blueberries is not easy, but relying on the original founders’ experiences, we have been able to continue on with the great start to sustainably-raised berries, using no traditional herbicides or pesticides, and we’ve all had the satisfaction of putting our hard work towards something that we’ll own and enjoy for years to come.

“We will continue to run this operation as a family-owned business. Learning how to nurture, cultivate, weed, and sustain the berries, and then watching as they were harvested by some really fun and interesting customers, really put the icing on the cake.”

Now serving over 1000 customers each season, the farm continues to be recognized for its signature “Nickel-Size Blueberries” and natural growing methods.

The Chadicks enjoy making many new “Berry Good Friends” each season and creating smiles when their customers taste their berries! Come see them!