Registration Opening in 2 Weeks!


There are two ways to purchase blueberries from our farm. U-pick OR place an online order and we’ll make the berries available at a location near you. Our reservation system will be open this year beginning May 11th. Picking will be during June-July, and rarely, but sometimes stretches into August. 

Pick Your Own: During this time of stay-at-home orders and expected continued social distancing after restrictions are lessened or lifted, it might be a great time for you and your family to come out and experience picking berries for yourself.

The scenic ride, wildlife, hummingbirds, clean-cut fields, wildflowers, exercise and the fresh air all just add to the enjoyment of picking your own produce. It’s also an opportunity for you to meet the people raising the food and learn about the organic, natural processes we use to ensure your food is safe and free from all chemical pesticides and herbicides.

If you do choose to pick your own berries (which also saves you a little money over ordering online), as many of you know, we’ve always maintained a reservation system for people to come pick, primarily so that we know there are enough ripe berries available on any given day, and also to ensure our fields are not overcrowded, which can ruin everyone’s experience. It appears our reservation system will be even more helpful this season, as just one more extra measure to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

One change we have planned is that we will of course closely monitor the number of customers at any given time to ensure social distancing practices can be maintained. Our fields and rows of berries are large enough to provide safe separation.

Order & Pick Up: The other option to purchase blueberries is to place an order online. Instructions for order placement are here. Orders placed online can be picked up at the farm, where if you choose, you can pick up your order without ever leaving your vehicle, or at numerous locations located in Sedan, Wichita, Winfield, and Derby.

We’ll have more information posted on farmers’ markets, using the reservation system, the status of the berries and more soon, so stay tuned!