The 2015 Berry Season is Approaching!


We’re up and running once again here in 2015 at Chautauqua Hills Farm!

As you can see from the video and pictures below, the blueberries are looking good. Also, with the milder winter, the blackberries are looking good too. Yes, it looks like we’ll have blackberries this year!

As a side note, we have decided to cease offering Asparagus and Garlic going forward. But we think our blueberries and blackberries are pretty awesome on their own, and we know you agree!

April 2015 Blueberries - 1

April 2015 Blueberries - 2

April 2015 Blueberries - 3

Based on what we can see right now, the season looks like it will open up around the same time as last year – June 10th or so. We’ll keep monitoring things and will begin regularly updating the website and sending out occasional e-newsletters again, so stay tuned. Thanks for reading and for your support and enthusiasm in spreading the word about Chautauqua Hills Farm!

Your Berry Good Friends at Chautauqua Hills Farm