The picking season is off to a great start!

Registration is OPEN for the berry-picking season, which continues now through mid-July. Check out our How to Purchase page to sign-up! Thursdays are open to the public without picking reservation.

We look forward to seeing you at the farm!

2013 Season Underway – Berries Looking and Tasting Great!

Posted on June 21, 2013

Dear Berry Good Friends,

The Chautauqua Hills Farm season is now officially underway!

We began picking Blueberries on June 19th. Here’s a picture of the blueberries we were picking. Pretty yummy!

Pick Your Own

The season will be extended this year into July 17th for both Blueberries and Blackberries due to the later ripening of all the berries.

Be sure and check out the Calendar for new available dates and then make your Pick Your Own Reservations here.

Order & Pick Up

Now that we have berries ripening up in quantity, we’ll begin picking next week for our Order & Pick Up customers. We’ll let you know when we have your berries available for pick up at Food For Thought.

If you’d like to place an order, click here to read more about Order & Pick Up and place your order.

Order & Pick Up at the Farm

In response to our Berry Good Friends in the surrounding towns closer to the farm, we’re now offering Order & Pick Up directly at the farm.

If it’s more convenient for you to purchase pre-picked blueberries and pick them up directly from the farm, send us an email here or call us at 620.249.3369. We’ll take your order and coordinate a day for pick up at the farm. The cost for 1 gallon of pre-picked Blueberries is $40.00.


We expect the Blackberries will begin to ripen up in quantity near the end of June and continue for at least 2 weeks after that. Keep in mind the Blackberries need to be picked when ripe and they don’t last near as long on the vines.

We’re looking forward to getting everyone their Chautauqua Hills Farm berries this year!

~ Your Berry Good Friends!
Chautauqua Hills Farm
Home of the Nickel-Size Blueberries!”


Cages Meets a New Berry Good Fawn Friend!

Posted on June 14, 2013

We’ve enjoyed seeing many things over the years at the farm but this is one of the best! Here’s Cage and a little fawn outside the fence saying hi. They spent 5 -10 minutes standing and walking around each other and then the little fawn walked off and laid down in the grass by the creek bank.

6.12.13 Cage and Deer
With the warmer temps now the berries are beginning to ripen up nicely! We’ll begin picking this coming week. The season will extend into July this year due to later ripening so we should have plenty of available dates coming up!

To make a Pick Your Own Reservation, click the link below:

Pick Your Own Reservations

If you can’t make it to the Farm we also offer Order & Pick Up. Read more about it here:

Order & Pick Up

We’ve had to do a bit of juggling with reservations early this season as we waited patiently for the berries to ripen up.

The berries (and us) appreciate everyone’s flexibility as they wait to be picked and enjoyed fresh in your cereal, pancakes, yogurt, muffins, pies, special recipes and frozen desserts. We’ve even heard the frozen ones are wonderful in your favorite sparkling wine or adult beverage!

We look forward to seeing all of our Berry Good Friends again this year at the farm.

The Berries Are Comin’! The Berries Are Comin’!

Posted on June 10, 2013

The blueberries continue to ripen up nicely – we just wish they’d hurry up! We’re ready and we know you’re all ready! Last year we were already picking at this time, but this year looks to be a normal schedule where we begin to see the berries ripening up here in mid-June. Now, we just have to wait for enough to ripen to make picking fun and enjoyable!

These pictures show just how many berries we have on the bushes!

6.09.13 Blueberries Pic 4
This picture shows a few beginning to ripen up now.

6.09.13 Blueberries Pic 2

It looks like the picking will be getting underway next week. If you haven’t already made your reservations or placed your order, now’s the time!

Note: For everyone who’s placed online orders with us, we’ll be filling your orders as soon as we have enough ripe berries!

May 22: Farm Update – Blueberries A Few Weeks Out!

Posted on May 22, 2013

Here’s an updated picture of the Blueberries. They’re coming along nicely! We were fortunate to have the recent series of storms drop lots of rain on us while avoiding the hail.


As indicated in our last update, it’s looking like the first available blueberries will be in the first or second week of June – which isn’t far away!

Our Priority Customers were sent an email earlier today with an update, so be sure and check your inbox for that! (If you’ve been to the farm or ordered from us before, you’re on the Priority Customer list.)

We’ll be opening up the Calendar in about 1 week for all other Pick Your Own Reservations.

We look forward to seeing our Berry Good Friends again this year!

2013 – Hello to All our Berry Good Friends!

Posted on January 21, 2013

Happy 2013 to all our Berry Good Friends!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the holidays.

You might have been wondering what we were up to after last year’s incredible season. In short, we were focused on keeping everything watered and alive!

In the cold of winter it’s so easy to forget about that incredible, record breaking heat of Summer 2012 – not to mention the lack of rain that plagued us all season long.

Every year we’re amazed at the great job the bushes do in producing our incredible berries despite the wide temperature swings and variability in weather conditions.

Just have a look at the picture on the left taken in July at the entrance of our large blueberry field. It was taken on one of the hottest days we experienced at the farm.

Yes, that’s right – 117 degrees – and that was in the shade. In the sun it was over 120 degrees!

This past summer’s heat was pretty tough on all the bushes. Despite the heat, we worked really hard to keep ’em all happy!

Some of you know from visiting with us that blueberries set their fruit buds in the fall and as long as the winter isn’t too harsh, the buds remain on through dormancy and then begin perking up in April. Regular inspection of the bushes and buds during the winter is important for a variety of reasons. One of the most important is to try and determine how the crop is shaping up for the next season. We’re happy to report that a recent inspection shows many bushes loaded up with fruit buds once again like last year! Now we just need a lot more rain and cooperative weather for the next 3 months.

Every once in awhile we’re able to capture pictures at the farm that are just beautiful. Here’s a couple of pictures taken last fall of our eastern tree line illuminated by the sun immediately following a large storm.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again who can make it to the farm this year. If you haven’t yet, do sign up for our email newsletter, where we’ll be sharing even more great pics, updates on the berries, and news from the farm.

Your Berry Good Friends,

Lance & Elizabeth

Chautauqua Hills Farm

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