2013 – Hello to All our Berry Good Friends!


Happy 2013 to all our Berry Good Friends!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the holidays.

You might have been wondering what we were up to after last year’s incredible season. In short, we were focused on keeping everything watered and alive!

In the cold of winter it’s so easy to forget about that incredible, record breaking heat of Summer 2012 – not to mention the lack of rain that plagued us all season long.

Every year we’re amazed at the great job the bushes do in producing our incredible berries despite the wide temperature swings and variability in weather conditions.

Just have a look at the picture on the left taken in July at the entrance of our large blueberry field. It was taken on one of the hottest days we experienced at the farm.

Yes, that’s right – 117 degrees – and that was in the shade. In the sun it was over 120 degrees!

This past summer’s heat was pretty tough on all the bushes. Despite the heat, we worked really hard to keep ’em all happy!

Some of you know from visiting with us that blueberries set their fruit buds in the fall and as long as the winter isn’t too harsh, the buds remain on through dormancy and then begin perking up in April. Regular inspection of the bushes and buds during the winter is important for a variety of reasons. One of the most important is to try and determine how the crop is shaping up for the next season. We’re happy to report that a recent inspection shows many bushes loaded up with fruit buds once again like last year! Now we just need a lot more rain and cooperative weather for the next 3 months.

Every once in awhile we’re able to capture pictures at the farm that are just beautiful. Here’s a couple of pictures taken last fall of our eastern tree line illuminated by the sun immediately following a large storm.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone again who can make it to the farm this year. If you haven’t yet, do sign up for our email newsletter, where we’ll be sharing even more great pics, updates on the berries, and news from the farm.

Your Berry Good Friends,

Lance & Elizabeth

Chautauqua Hills Farm

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